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Call President Biden and Make a Difference

Dear Friend,

It has almost been a month since Israel began its ethnic cleansing campaign in Gaza. To date, over 8,306 Palestinians, 3,457 of them being children, have been murdered by Israel's unhinged airstrikes on Gaza. As of this week, over 40% of the death toll is children. One child is being killed every 10 minutes by Israel. This doesn’t include the hundreds stuck under the rubble, including over 940 children. One minute of your time every day can save lives.

Tell President Biden that you demand a ceasefire and don’t want your tax dollars funding genocide.

Call 202-456-1111 every day this week 


Here is a script that you can use: 

“My name is xx and I am calling as a US citizen to ask for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. Our country has to stop crimes committed with our weapons now. 

In addition, I am alarmed by recent reports that the White House has requested additional funds from Congress to cover the cost of new refugee infrastructure in case Palestinians in Gaza are pushed to other countries. This is unacceptable - We can't bankroll Israel's ethnic cleansing. No humanitarian aid should be misused to support a second Nakba. Over 8,306 Palestinians, including 3,457 children, were killed and at least 940 children missing under the rubble. 

All aid should go to relieve the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. We demand an immediate ceasefire and a substantial increase in humanitarian aid to Gaza.” 



We understand the frustration that comes from tirelessly reaching out to our administration and members of Congress and not witnessing immediate, concrete results. Yet, rest assured, your unwavering efforts carry substantial, long-term consequences. It is not merely important but an absolute imperative that we persistently and vigorously press upon President Biden, his administration, and every elected official who represents us.

Day in and day out, even beyond the current crisis, the Zionist lobby adeptly mobilizes its constituents to inject falsehoods into the ears of our elected representatives. We Americans who advocate for justice are a multitude, far outnumbering their ranks, and there exists no justification for their undue influence over our nation's policies. It is high time we realize our collective strength and seize the reins of change, asserting our rightful place in shaping our nation's destiny.

Please take action, and urge your family and friends to do the same. This will only take a few minutes of your time. Palestinians in Gaza deserve our consistent action.

Remember to be consistent and polite, but firm, in your message. Together, we can be a formidable force for progress. 


Ayah Ziyadeh

Advocacy Director, AJP Action


Americans for Justice in Palestine Action (AJP Action), an affiliate of American Muslims for Palestine (AMP), is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit organization lobbying for legislation that supports the human rights of the Palestinian people.


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